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The 6th Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival

A Fistful of Rubbish
Being a Bee
Dajla: Cinema and Oblivion
Dusty Dream
Heritage of Ancestors
The Clocks
The Voice of the Sea
Water Water Everywhere
23.5°, Rhythm of the Earth - Ep.2 Lower and Lower
Djurdjevdan is Yet to Come
Great Return
I Bit My Tongue
Magical Forest
Mbudha, in the Chimpanzees' Footsteps
Mutha & The Death of Ham-Ma-Fuku
Rhythms of Lost Time
Take Them into the Light
The Sacred Woods
Golden Tree Award: Zinder
Best Feature Documentary Award: My Dear Mother
Best Medium-Length Documentary Award: Mutha & The Death of Ham-Ma-Fuku
Best Life and Nature Documentary Award: The Sacred Woods
Best Human Discovery Documentary Award: You Had to Be There
Best Cinematography Award: A Portrait on the Search for Happiness
Best History Documentary Award: The Last Movie Painter
Best History Documentary Award: Return to the Red Flag Canal
Best Short Documentary Award: Dusty Dream
Best Short Documentary Award: A Fistful of Rubbish
Balaka Ghosh
/ India
Francisco Bahia
/ Brazil
Maria Wiernikowska
/ Poland
Maryia Katsiukovich
/ Belarus
Pertti Veijalainen
/ Finland
Gennady Kofman
/ Ukraine
Guille Isa
/ Peru
Hannes Karnick
/ Germany
Kenichi Imamura
/ Japan
Lei Jianjun
/ China
Saitabau Kaiyare
/ Kenya
Mathieu Ageron
/ France
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