Call For Entry - 2022 Golden Fruit Plan

The 7th Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival in 2022
Golden Fruit Plan Details

       Golden Fruit Plan (GFP) is a collaboration between Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival and Arkana Film Studio in Poland, initiated in 2020. Based on the Sino-European cooperation with global influence on the documentary industry, GFP aims to discover and cultivate new stars in the documentary trade so as to promote the joint development of the documentary industry around the world.
        GFP is a series of training class with tutorship, once a year in China or in Europe alternately. GFP will invite well-known documentary experts with rich experience to help young documentaries develop their projects from all aspects, including investigation and planning, creation of creative plans, initial shooting, pre-sale plans, production of trailers, and etc. The training will effectively help young documentaries to improve their professional skills, strengthen cultural exchange and cooperation among countries, understand specific needs of international audiences, and enter the field of professional production.
        For the outstanding projects selected by the tutors, the Golden Tree Festival Organizing Committee provides a certain amount of cash funding, and helps the future release of the film on the international film market by introducing funds, co-production, pre-sale and incubation. For successfully released films, there will be a chance to win the Best Completion of GFP Award.

Call for participation:
1.1 Genre: Documentary (both documentary series and documentary films)
1.2 Theme: related to the roots of culture, innovated in film production and storytelling, and enlightening point of view of the author
1.3 Length: less than 60min, in two categories: short (up to 20min); medium-length (20-60min)
1.4 Participant’s qualification: students in the last year of college education (including master and doctoral degree) or students within two years after graduation; the project involved is their first or second documentary.
1.5 Registration period: March 31, 2022-August 31, 2022
1.6 Language: English subtitles and materials for non-English projects.

Proposal requirements
2.1 The proposed project should be in the research stage or the pre-shooting stage. The completed project will not be accepted.
2.2 The content shall not contain any elements that are hostile to other countries, cause religious or ethnic conflicts etc., and shall not cover pornography, violence and racial discrimination.
2.3 The proposed project must be an original work, and the proposer should have an explicit copyright.
2.4 Participants (individual or organization) can propose multiple projects and each project shall fill a separate registration form.


3.1 Fill in the registration form (see attachment)
3.2 Include a 3-minute clip (if any), format: MP4, with English subtitles for non-English projects.
3.3 Include project introduction (including proposed project and team introduction), format: PPT or PDF.
3.4 Include posters or stills of the project (if any).
3.5 Send Email to:


4.1 Proposal Conference: The 3rd GFP solicited proposals from different countries. Experts from various countries will select 20 shortlisted proposals to participate in the online proposal conference in September. The conference will Invite the directors, producers, editors and other key creative personnel of the project (up to 2 representatives for each project) to participate. The tutors will ask questions about the project and select 10 proposals for one-on-one tutoring.
4.2 One-on-one tutoring: The tutor group is composed of well-known documentary film directors, as well as experts and professors in the global documentary industry. They provide one-on-one guidance and comment on 10-20 proposals. Depending on the COVID-19 situation, one-on-one tutoring can be offline or online before the end of September.
4.3 Business cooperation: Golden Tree Fund or other investors will start to discuss cooperation methods with potential proposal projects based on the suggestions of the tutors. For successful invested projects, GFP will provide post-investment management and track the progress of the project until it is finished. When films are completed, proposals that participate in GFP will be directly shortlisted for the Selection of the Golden Tree Golden Fruit Awards.
4.4 According to the comprehensive suggestions of tutors and investors, Golden Tree Festival will select 8 outstanding proposal projects before the end of September, and the team members of selected projects are invited to the 7th GTIDFF to attend youth forum, exchanges and other activities. During the 7th GTIDFF, 4 proposals will be finally selected as winners of GFP, and each will receive a reward of 500 euros
4.5 If the proposal does not comply with registration terms and conditions, the Organizing Committee has the right not to accept the entries without any explanation.
4.6 After the registration deadline, the selected proposal projects which are invited to Proposal Conference will be notified via email and the participants will be published on the official website.
4.7 Participants of the proposal projects should reply within 3 working days after receiving the email of notification to confirm whether to participate in the Proposal Conference and the one-on-one training.
4.8 For all registration proposals, the Organizing Committee has the right to disseminate and broadcast the above information on Internet and in theater within the corresponding period, as well as the right to print and publish relevant text and image materials.
4.9 Projects funded by Golden Fruit Plan shall acknowledge Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival and Golden Fruit Plan at the credits section of the final film, and display the GTIDFF and GFP logo.
4.10 The Organizing Committee of GTIDFF reserves the right of final interpretation.

Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival
Organizing Committee
March 31,2022

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